The Electric Crush show on WMCK.FM in Pittsburgh. The show features a White Noise and 4 Skowron songs plus interview with Paul

Paul Skowron interview with WMCK Part 1

Paul Skowron feature on WMCK Part 2


Eric Jackson Lurie - radio show WRCT in Pittsburgh, PA

WRCT Radio Show playing "Shake Yer Luv"


Paul recently visited the Harry George and the Usual Suspects Biker Radio show.

Harry George Biker Show


Resurrection Road CD review by John DAlessandro for The Write Exchange:
New albums come and go. New artists do the same (as do some old ones).
Some of them delve into the feeling of the art more than the typical pop or
expected structure, which is the path of least resistance here. Look towards
cuts like "Shake yer Love" which handles quite the driving bounce musically
throughout. Or "The Eagle" lending itself towards Led Zeppelin's "Going to
California" with its melodic acoustics. We could lean on "All dis Jass" for
all of its blusey nightclub dramatic feeling, or soar about with the
heartfelt "Pain" onto a place where the heart wrenching questioning derived
within the vocals remains buried in its unrequited call for an answer. It
provides a raw emotion gliding throughout with a most rhythmic overtone.
Give a listen and squeeze out what you need. It all seems to be there.


Mike Lytle - radio show in Kansas City, KS
Shake Yer Luv & Fortunate Son are the 2 primary tracks I think fit my show.
I've played both and plan to play them more because the listener response
has been fairly positive to both ! I like to give the listeners music they
have not heard before & Skowron fits that bill ! Very creative stuff !


Rockin' Ron - radio show in Panama City, FL


Youngstown Vindicator 1/22/15

Skowron Resurrects His Music Career


Warren Tribune 1/15/15


White Noise Reunion. White Noise Roars Back From The Ashes


Paul performed on stage with Deep Cuts at the YMAs. YMAS honor area singers musicians